Frequently Asked QuestionS


What level am I?

Beginner - "I've never danced before!" + "I'm a little rusty."
Beginner/Intermediate - "I'm looking for a little bit more challenge".
Intermediate - "I've been trained in dance before".
Intermediate/Advance - "I'm ready to dance with the best".
Advance - "I slay".

We are located at 224 Richmond Street West (Building A) and 220 Richmond Street West (Building B). Our buildings are 2 doors away from each other. Our closest main intersection is University and Richmond. We are a two minute walk from Osgoode Station, but if you prefer to drive in crazy downtown Toronto traffic, there is paid parking on street and parking lots along Richmond. 

Where are you located?

Our studio hours vary each day depending on the class schedule. We open our doors half an hour before the first class of the day and close immediately after the last class of the day.

You can review our daily class schedule at

What are your business hours?

For most classes, there is no age restriction, but if you're under the age of 18, it is recommended that you've had previous dance experience.

Heels classes are for ages 16+.

Is there an age restriction?

Occasionally teachers will choose to repeat a combination upon students request. This way the students can continue developing and fine-tuning their work. Don’t worry, if you haven’t learned the combination before, it will be taught the same way. Otherwise, the instructor will teach a new combination every week.

IS THERE A NEW combination taught each class?

If it is your first time visiting The Underground Dance Centre, we recommend that you come to Building A located at 224 Richmond Street West (beside YukYuk’s Comedy Club). We will be happy to guide you to our other building from there, if your class is located in Building B. You can locate Building B at 220 Richmond Street West (beside Kinder College). Please look for our logo on the front door of each building, as we do not have a sign that is visible from the street.

How do I know what building to go to?

You have two options: 
1. Reserve a spot: Sign up online or through The Underground Dance Centre mobile app and submit payment.
2. Walk in: Sign up and pay at the studio.

How do i pay for class?

At the studio, we accept all credit cards, debit, and cash.

To purchase a class online, we accept all credit cards.

For all memberships, we accept only credit cards.

What forms of payment do you Accept?

We recommend that you wear something that you’re comfortable dancing in, that also allows you to have a wide range of mobility. For footwear, classical styles such as ballet, contemporary, and jazz are often done barefoot or in socks. For urban styles such as hip hop, jazz funk, house, breaking, popping, and locking, we suggest runners or sneakers. If you are taking a heels class and you’re uncomfortable wearing heels, please feel free to wear any other footwear that you feel comfortable in.

What do I wear to class?

We recommend that you bring a water bottle, a sweat towel, deodorant and a change of clothes or shoes.

What should I bring to class with me?

What style should I take?

Check out our Instagram account: and find the style/music that sticks out to you!

If someone drops out of the class, you will receive an email that you have been added to the class. We recommend you still come in because sometimes people don't show to up to the class, and you will be able to attend.

how does the waitlist work?


Our discounted gift cards can be found on our home page of our website, all the way at the bottom. Gift cards can only be purchased as a gift for someone else and do not expire until a package is purchased.

If I have a class package, can I only use it for one designated style or class?

With a class package you can attend any regular drop in-class, or pop-up class. Class packages are not limited to a specific style, level, or teacher. Please note that the only limitation on a class package is the expiration date.

What do I do if something comes up and I can no longer attend my class?

You can cancel by email at, or you can cancel your class on our Underground Dance Centre mobile app. We require the cancellation prior to your class, in order to receive credit back on your account. Unfortunately, if you don’t cancel prior to the class, you will not receive the class back on your account.

For private lessons, we require 72 hours notice to reschedule a private lesson booking. Please email

We require 48 hours notice to reschedule a rental booking. Please email

What if I have to cancel a rental booking?

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your class. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for one of our drop in classes, you will not be permitted into the class.

How early should I come for my class?

Our set schedule generally runs the same weekly. However, it sometimes varies due to faculty illness/absence, class cancellations, substitutes, or pop-up classes and workshops. Any changes made to the schedule can be found online or on our social media platforms. Always double check with the Front Desk once you arrive at The Underground Dance Centre in case of any last minute changes.  

Is the class schedule the same every week?

If you’re uncomfortable being filmed during your class, please inform your teacher before the class begins so that we can reassure that you’re kept out of any footage that may be taken during the class.

What if I am not comfortable having myself filmed during my class?

If you’re interested in filming what you’ve learned at the end of your class, you must check in with your teacher to make sure that they’re comfortable with that. Sometimes our videographer will come to film a class (requested by the teacher). Those videos can often be found on our Instagram and social media pages.

Can I film at the end of class?

The number of dancers in each class varies each week and also depends on the the capacity of the studio. Classes will continue to run with any amount of people within the capacity of the designated room.

How many people will be in the class with me?

We recommend signing up in advance through our app to ensure your spot. Some classes tend to fill up quickly. If that is the case, we can put you on our waitlist and also recommend another class to take during that time slot.

Should I sign up online in advance? Will the class be full if I don’t?

Registering for a class online is not the same as checking-in at the Front Desk. When you register online for a class, you still need to come to the Front Desk to ensure that you’re checked-in to your class.

If I sign up on the app, can I go straight to my class?

No, you must pay for the class before it begins.

Can I take the class and pay after?

If you have concerns about any injuries or physical limitations that may prevent you from fully participating in the class, please let your teacher know at the beginning of class so they can help accommodate and encourage any modifications that you may need to make throughout the class. However, if you have an injury that you know about, you should use your own discretion, as we are not responsible for any further injury.

I have a physical limitation that prevents me from being able to fully participate in the class, what should I do?

Yes, we have change rooms/washrooms in both Building A and Building B. Our Building A change room is limited in space, so please feel free to change in Building B if you prefer and make your way over to Building A after. We have three showers located in Building B only.

Do you have change rooms and showers?

how much fun will i have?

Too much.

WHAT IS YOUR Refund Policy?

All purchases are final sale.

All sales are final. If you can’t make a class, please cancel online or by emailing us at prior to your scheduled class. If you cancel before the class, you will receive the credit back on your account. If you don’t cancel in advance, your class will be marked as used.

What is the CLASS cancellation policy?

Yes! It is $5/month to extend any class package from the date of expiration. You can purchase the extension at the studio or via email/phone.

*Please note that this applies to class packages only, and not to memberships. Classes that are part of a membership plan cannot be extended.

Can I Extend a class package?



Our memberships are automatically renewing memberships. This means that each month your membership will reset on your chosen renewal date. We offer 4x/month, 8x/month, and unlimited classes/month options. Upgrades or downgrades can be made at any time and cancellation requests must be submitted with 30 days advance notice of your next billing date using the form HERE.

How do your memberships work?

All you need is a valid credit card.

What do I need to sign up for a membership?

We offer a trial month for the first month of the 4x/month membership. This is a great way to try out our 4x/month membership before committing. During the trial month, you can cancel anytime prior to the billing date using the form HERE. If you do not cancel within the first month, your membership will automatically renew for our regular price of $59+HST per month moving forward.

How does the trial month On the 4x/month membership work?

All cancellations must be made through the Membership Management tab on our website HERE.

During a trial on the 4x/month membership, you can cancel anytime prior to your billing date.
For any other membership, including the regular rate on the 4x/month membership, we require 30 days notice in advance of your next billing date to cancel.

How do I cancel my membership?

No. Classes on our memberships must be completed within your billing cycle. This means that if your billing date is on June 15th, you have up until July 15th to use your classes that month before they expire and your membership renews for the next billing cycle.

Do classes roll over month to month?