Peter D'Souza

Dancing since the age of 7, Peter's strong passion for performing arts has led him to pursue a career as a dancer, choreographer and actor. Starting off in Richmond, British Columbia and eventually moving to Toronto, Ontario, Peter has trained and competed in all disciplines of dance with Hip-Hop being his main focus and passion.

This young dancer has already had the opportunity to work with well-known choreographers such as Luther Brown, Tony Testa, Jae Blaze, Devon Perri, Tatiana Parker, Eryn Waltman,  and many more. Peter's professional career has enabled him to work with artists such as Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Karl Wolf, Aleesia, Victoria Duffield, Kreesha Turner, Trish, Anjulie, PSY and Blake McGrath. He has also been featured in live performances including Much Music Video Awards (MMVAS), CityTV's New Year's Eve Bash, YTV's The Next Star, Toronto Choreographer's Ball, WeDay, Divers/Cité (Montréal), and the PanAm Games. Recently, Peter was cast in the Monsters of Hip Hop Show in Los Angeles where he got to work with Parris Goebel, Luam, Nick Demoura, Rhapsody, Kyle Hanagami, Jillian Meyers and many more. Peter has also earned top scholarships from The PULSE on Tour, Monsters of Hip-Hop, JUMP, and West Coast Dance Explosion.                                                     

Peter is always looking for a new challenge; he is constantly improving and taking his dance skills to the next level. He is known to be a very dedicated and high spirited dancer, teacher and choreographer.