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Frequently Asked Question

What level am I?

Beginner - "I've never danced before!" + "I'm a little rusty."
Beginner/Intermediate - "I'm looking for a little bit more challenge".
Intermediate - "I've been trained in dance before".
Intermediate/Advance - "I'm ready to dance with the best".
Advance - "I slay".

What style should I take?

Check out our Instagram account: and find the style/music that sticks out to you!

Is there an age restriction?

No, but if you're under the age of 18, it is recommended that you've had previous dance experience.

Is there a new combination taught each class?


Where are you located?

Our address is 220 Richmond Street West, right near University and Richmond. We are a two minute walk from Osgoode Station, but if you prefer to drive in crazy downtown Toronto traffic there is paid parking on the street and parking lots along Richmond.

How do i pay for class?

You have three options: 
1. Sign up online and pay online. (Recommended Option) 
2. Sign up online and pay at the studio.
3. Walk into the studio and sign up and pay at the studio.

What forms of payment do you take at the studio?

At the studio, we accept all forms of payment including credit cards, debit and cash. You can only use credit card to purchase a class online.

Please explain the Monthly Unlimited Options.


  • No contracts, no commitments.
  • Pay whenever you feel you can benefit from taking unlimited classes for a particular month.
  • Beneficial for any international dance students staying in Toronto for one month and looking to accelerate their growth while here.
  • Beneficial for any local students looking to accelerate their growth in one month.



  • Minimum 2 month contract commitment, subscription will continue on a Month-to-Month basis until student cancels.
  • Major Credit Card required to make automatic payments.
  • Save $50/month.
  • Beneficial for students who frequently visit the studio and take at least 15 classes per month.

how does the waitlist work?

If someone drops out of the class, you will receive an email that you have been added to the class. We recommend you still come in because sometimes people don't show to up to the class, and you will be able to attend.

how much fun will i have?

Too much.