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220 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1V6


1:00pm - 3:00pm Powermoves
3:00pm - 6:00pm House
8:30pm - 11:30pm Hip Hop

Effect and Afternoon
When it comes to Powermoves, not many come with the knowledge required to share it with others. Many can execute but not necessarily pass the information adequately. It demands understanding not only the move but the body, the mechanics behind it along with the physical and technical requirements in order to achieve the movement. 

This workshop is looking to make you:
- Understand your body and its characteristics
- Overstand the move and the movement
- Develop practical approach to training and building Powermoves and technique

Hip Hop dance is something that many have a difficulty putting into words and even understanding. From "Hip Hop" classes teaching choreography to Hip Hop freestyle battles there is often a big discrepancies between what is being taught and what Hip Hip dance is in its essence. Without a proper understanding of it, there's no way one can grow and develop their Hip Hop skills.

With this workshops we're going to be touching key elements in understanding Hip Hop dance and its foundation in order to move forward and build from that point on. Just because one dances to Hip Hop music or does Hip Hop moves doesn't mean you’re doing Hip Hop, there’s more to it. We will focus on:

Through this workshop we're going to look in:
-Links between the dance and the culture (traditions, terms, origins and meaning of movements)
-Building musical intelligence (rhythms, patterns, musicality, knowledge and repertoire)
-Building and using vocabulary (Learning an other style doesn't make you a better Hip Hop dancer by default)
-Levels and ground work
-Effective training methods and building skills

When it comes to House dance there are many different sources to its beginning from Chicago, Detroit, New York... For as many people that got in touch with the music and the feeling, there are different styles. yet whether it's been to simplify its teaching to others or because the dance has been taken out of its context for many, a lot of it has been diluted to a few moves, and a lot of the originality and individuality of the dance has left and resides in only a few. 

Through this workshop we're going to look in:
-Building and using vocabulary
-Listening to music and understanding the relation to movement
-Learning to express through movement and dance with feeling/emotions
-Levels and ground work
-Effective training methods and building skills

COST (each workshop)
40$ early bird
50$ at the door