a physically intense training program where dancers from all levels learn how to confidently perform and freestyle within the structure of house dance and it's foundations.

Learn the nitty-gritty essence of House dance.
— Fly Lady Di

Who should participate?

Anyone with a will to push past their current level as a dancer, find a deeper connection to music, learn skills they can actually apply through freestyle (not just choreography) and increase their physical stamina.

What to expect from this experience?

Hardcore drills, foot patterns that increase in complexity from week to week, constant practice freestyling in small and large groups within a supportive environment and long-form House Dance choreography that will be reinforced as the program progresses. Participants will also experience what it is like to battle and 'cypher', as this might be a new experience for many.

Dates: 2pm - 4pm on Saturdays for 8 weeks starting on July 18, 2015

Price: $295

*Space is limited.